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Cooling Products & Services in Gallup

Air Conditioning duct

Universal Air LLC provides cooling products and services. We also offer pressure tests, gas leak repairs, carbon monoxide testing and removal, and filter changes, which can be done year-round with other heating or cooling services.

Refrigerated Air Units

We install, service, and repair refrigerated air units from Journeyman Refrigeration. These types of units are often more efficient than evaporative coolers, making a noticeable difference for in household. Refrigerated air units are very adaptable to humidity changes and do not need a water source. It works the same way as your refrigerator, providing cold air for your entire home.

Central Cooling Systems

Our HVAC professionals also install, service, and repair central cooling systems for homes, warehouses, industrial environments, and hazardous locations. One of our most trusted brands is Goodman. Central air systems keep your home at one consistent temperature, operating from one outdoor unit that is connected to your ventilation system. They use the furnace’s fan to blow cold air through all the vents in your home.

Ductless Split Systems

Universal Air LLC also installs and services ductless split systems, which offer one unit for both heating and cooling. This type of system saves you money on new installations and provides an energy efficient alternative to other cooling options. These systems allow you to adjust the heating and cooling in several areas or rooms of the home independently and can be used without a central air system for a lower operational cost.

Evaporative Cooling

Our Gallup air conditioning professionals also work with evaporative cooling units, which evaporate water that turns into cooled air which is distributed throughout your home or business. It is fairly inexpensive and most effective in climates with low humidity.

Seasonal Startup/Shutdowns

We will also prepare your central cooling unit for startup in the late spring and shut down in the late fall. This will ensure all components are clean, the filter is working, a sufficient amount of refrigerant has been installed, and make you aware of any needed repairs before you get stuck with no air conditioning on a hot day. We offer these appointments scheduled in advance.

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