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Air Duct Cleaning, LLC in Gallup

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Universal Air LLC in Gallup provides several duct cleaning services to keep your home’s environment clean and comfortable.

Duct Cleaning

Our experienced HVAC experts provide duct cleaning for residents moving into a new home to ensure the ducts are ready for the new inhabitants. We recommend cleaning your ducts every two years. Keeping them free of dust and debris can alleviate headaches, allergies, and asthma symptoms caused by improper air flow through the duct system. We remove and clean all registers and clean the inside of the duct system with a Roto Brush isolated vacuum and brush system. Next, a disinfection mist is sprayed through the duct system which kills mold and mildew spores, allergens, and viruses.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Universal Air also cleans dryer vents, which prevents home fires, improves efficiency of the dryer, and reduces dry time.

Video Inspections

Our HVAC experts also provide video inspections to get an internal view of your duct system. This inspection checks for blockages, broken or damaged areas, mold and mildew, and heat loss.

Air Purification

For clean quality air systems, we provide air purification solutions. This includes incorporating UV light into the duct system to kill pollutants and allergens. An electrostatic filter is positioned in the ducts to “wash” the air in your home or business, which complements the UV light and is especially beneficial for people with severe allergies. We can also install an energy recovery ventilator, which brings heated or cooled fresh air into your home or business.

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