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Heating Installation & Maintenance in Gallup

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Universal Air in Gallup, New Mexico provides heating sales, residential service and installation, and maintenance.

Seasonal Startup/Shut Down

While you can simply turn on your furnace in late fall and stop using it in late spring, we offer seasonal startups and shutdowns for gas furnaces to prepare your unit for use and non-use. This will ensure energy efficiency, make sure the unit is clean, and prepare you to make any repairs needed before it gets cold. You can schedule this service ahead of time each year.

Ductless Split Systems

We are your ductless split systems heating specialist. Using the latest technology, this type of heating system is a great fit for electrically heated homes, providing even air distribution for consistent comfort. You’ll save hundreds per year on your heating bills when you upgrade to a ductless system. There are systems that work for both heating and cooling.

Package Units

Universal Air also has package units for electric or gas heating systems, including dual fuel and heat pump options. Package units include 1-3 phase options, a scroll compressor, and much more. We install, service, and repair package units in Gallup homes and businesses.

Forced Air Furnaces

We also carry standard forced air furnaces and can repair almost any make and model. These units are suitable if your current unit is located in the attic, crawl-space, or basement and it will be attached to the ductwork. They provide up to 97% efficiency and are easy to access and adjust the settings.

Wall Units

We also have wall unit heaters, which attach to the wall in one room of the home and have a matchless pilot igniter. These are especially suitable for small apartments and hotel rooms, but one or multiple units can also be installed in larger homes. They connect to a duct system and provide easily adjustable heat, along with affordability.

Console Heating

Universal Air LLC also has console heating units, also known as space heaters, to add additional heat to especially cold rooms in your home or business. We have units with a fireplace look, as well as enclosed front designs.

Electric Heat

We also install and service electric heating units, including wall-mounted units, thermostats and auxiliary controls, resistance heating units, and more.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide heat energy from a heat source to a heat sink and are designed to move thermal energy opposite the direction of spontaneous heat flow. They provide superior comfort and quiet performance combined with efficiency in both heating and cooling modes.

Tube Heaters

Using an enclosed combustion heater, tube heaters are mounted on the floor or sealing and use gas to heat and blow warm air into a room through sidewall or through the roof venting. We can install and repair tube heaters from any brand.

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